What actually are Hooks in WordPress?

So, you have heard a lot about Hooks, haven’t you? There are hundreds of articles out there about hooks. What are hooks, how do they work, bla bla bla.. Do you REALLY understand what actually are hooks? If your answer is ‘Yes’, well, you can ignore this post. But, if your answer is ‘No’, then let me tell you about Hooks in a way that perhaps nobody uses. Hooks are “places” to alter or add something in your WordPress! Places?! Nobody defines Hooks as places, right? Well. You have noticed that I said “alter or add something”. Meaning, Hooks are Read more

A simple two-way function to encrypt or decrypt a string

This function will provide you a two-way system to encrypt a string or decrypt an encrypted string. /** * Encrypt and decrypt * * @author Nazmul Ahsan * @link * * @param string $string string to be encrypted/decrypted * @param string $action what to do with this? e for encrypt, d for decrypt */ function my_simple_crypt( $string, $action = 'e' ) { // you may change these values to your own $secret_key = 'my_simple_secret_key'; $secret_iv = 'my_simple_secret_iv'; $output = false; $encrypt_method = "AES-256-CBC"; $key = hash( 'sha256', $secret_key ); $iv = substr( hash( 'sha256', $secret_iv ), 0, 16 ); Read more

How to stop WordPress from generating multiple image sizes

When you upload an image using the media uploader of your WordPress site, it creates multiple sizes of that image. By default, WordPress creates 4 additional sizes, but your theme and/or plugin(s) may create more sizes of that image. And it’s really a headache when you are considering your storage. So, how to stop it? There are 2 ways to stop WordPress from generating multiple image sizes- 1. With Coding: Set a filter to intermediate_image_sizes_advanced. It returns an array that contains the sizes. Make it return an empty array, and phew! You’re done. Paste this into the functions.php file of Read more

How to customize WordPress login page

A beautiful and nicely crafted theme can change the look and feel of your WordPress site. But, what about the login page? Default login page is too ordinary to attract your visitors. Although this can be handled with a custom login page, but most of the themes does not include this feature. Here I’m going to show you, how can you customize your login page. 1. Disable Shaking effect Login page shakes if anything wrong happens. For example if the login details provided are wrong or any of the fields is submitted empty. You can override it’s default events. If Read more

Generate activation or deactivation link of WordPress plugin

Sometimes you need an action link to activate or deactivate a plugin. How do you do that? I have written a simple function that can help you achieve this. <?php /** * Get activation or deactivation link of a plugin * * @author Nazmul Ahsan <> * @param string $plugin plugin file name * @param string $action action to perform. activate or deactivate * @return string $url action url */ function na_action_link( $plugin, $action = 'activate' ) { if ( strpos( $plugin, '/' ) ) { $plugin = str_replace( '\/', '%2F', $plugin ); } $url = sprintf( admin_url( 'plugins.php?action=' . Read more


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