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A simple two-way function to encrypt or decrypt a string

This function will provide you a two-way system to encrypt a string or decrypt an encrypted string. /** * Encrypt and decrypt * * @author Nazmul Ahsan * @link * * @param string $string string to be encrypted/decrypted * @param string $action what to do with this? e for encrypt, d for decrypt */ function my_simple_crypt( $string, $action = 'e' ) { // you may change these values to your own $secret_key = 'my_simple_secret_key'; $secret_iv = 'my_simple_secret_iv'; $output = false; $encrypt_method = "AES-256-CBC"; $key = hash( 'sha256', $secret_key ); $iv = substr( hash( 'sha256', $secret_iv ), 0, 16 ); Read more


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