Privacy & Refund Policy

Privacy Policy

Are you a developer and struggling with a task? Or too busy to complete your projects in time? But, you are afraid of your reputation in case you hire someone else or outsource the project?

Privacy Policy

We understand your situation. We respect your privacy. Just drop us a message or post your job and mention that you want us to keep it secret. We must keep our words.

We will not add this project to our portfolio either. Period.

Refund Policy

Even though, we are confident enough that we can satisfy you with our expertise, honesty and professionalism.

But there is always an exception

If such a scenario arises that you are not happy with our services, just let us know, we have a refund period of 14 days and are happy to give you a full refund if something happens.

Refund Policy

Refund requests are NOT accepted in these cases-

  • If our refund period is over.
  • If you update anything (themes or plugins, except WordPress core) and it breaks your site. (If a core update causes any issue with our solution, we’ll be happy to fix it without any additional cost.)
  • You have modified or altered our code.
    • If you have further questions, please contact us.



WPpeople works mainly on WordPress based projects.
It specializes in developing Plugins, Themes and WP based apps. Well, you can count SEO and maintenance jobs too.

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